A vegetable growing project

Numerous restaurants in Campo Tures have joined forces and launched the `Taufrisch` project. Classic and unusual vegetables are grown in a field right next to our house. Every day, you have the opportunity to take fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers home with you. Soups, salads and much more can be prepared from them (free of charge). A meal that has travelled 0.0 kilometres, so to speak. You have a direct connection to the surroundings and can literally feel and experience the fields around our house.

Mountain views

Welcome to the valley of the 80 three-thousanders

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Stroll around in the romantic city of Brunico

Stroll around in Brunico, stop for bites to eat and visit the beautiful shops and boutiques.
Visit the famous Christmas market in the city center.

City feeling in Brunico

Honesty Bar

May and June 2022 and 2023


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