Once upon a time, Café Wiesenhof welcomed locals and tourists alike inside its four walls, a testament to the Campo Tures of old. The timeworn café set in the meadow had been built following the Viennese style of the time: in its heyday it truly was picture-perfect and we’d never have torn it down had it not already, sadly, been falling to pieces. But we wanted to preserve the original coffee culture, a place where people could read, talk, and travel with their imagination to faraway worlds accompanied by a good cup of coffee. Our guests – and in all likelihood, locals and passers-by in the near future – can enter a world of stories and modern creature comforts when setting foot into our library.


A new home needs a new name: OVINA's Haus. Dedicated to twins Olivia and Fiona, the apple of their mother’s eye. Who, incidentally, also owns the home. Did you also know that “ovina” is also a gramineous plant (commonly known as “sheep’s fescue”) which just so happens to grow around the house. A name which perfectly embodies our story and the spot of land we live in.

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