Cross-Country skiing in Valle Aurina

10-km cross-country trail in Kasern: leads across snow-covered meadows into the deep green spruce forest, along the still narrow Ahr river, up to the mine and past inviting snack stations. Blue, red, black: all levels of difficulty. 

15-km trail in Rein: from difficult to easy, from flat to steep. Over bridges, footbridges, hills to the lonely Putzeralm. 

10-km cross-country trail in Weißenbach: 10 km in red, can be combined in any way, turns jet black at the end of the valley: something for everyone.


Copyright: Manuel Kottersteger

Mühlwal: Gently ascending, past the ice rink, through small moors, winding biotopes, through fields, forests and meadows, in loops, curves and descents past ancient farms. 

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