House Rules

Keep it simple our password is wifi1234. 

The bread and croissants are freshly baked and delivered every day by the village baker. The bread bag can be found from 07:30 next to our Honesty Bar. (-1)

For the sake of the environment, we separate the rubbish in OVINA'S HAUS. The bins are in the garage. We separate glass, metal, plastic, paper and organic waste. The rest is taken care of by the residual waste.

We kindly ask you to close the windows when leaving the suite. 

If you would like to request a cleaning service during your stay, fresh towels or line change, please let us know. 

There is "no smoking" in OVINA'S HAUS.

22pm - 7am. Thank you!

Please keep dogs on a leash in the house.

We trust our guests. No ifs, no buts. Which is why we placed an Honesty Bar in the basement (floor -1) to quench their thirst 24 hours a day. The Bar has local craft beers, regional wines, and delicious juices. Cheers!

OVINA'S HAUS is surrounded by mountains, springs and forests. That's why we recommend: Don't buy plastic water bottles, don't lug them around heavy, because our tap water can and should be drunk. And it tastes fantastically fresh and good.

 The temperature in the house is 20 degrees, which can be regulated by 2 degrees downwards and 2 degrees upwards. 

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