A four days autumn retreat in a private villa the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol.

DATE: October 13-16, 2022

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This Retreat is a unique experience to reconnect with nature, to reconnect to yourself.

As we will be surrounded by the mountains, wild waters and fresh air, the four elements will be the focus of this journey. We will experience the healing powers of the elements on different levels to nourish body, mind and soul. 

„I noticed how earth had such a nurturing presence, like a mother. How she keeps me rooted. How the Air was the intellectual who had bring messages about change and transitions. How the Fire was bold, fierce and life giving. How the water was a good listener who could support me when I was tuning into feeling.“

Linda Pappa


LOCATION: One big home, one big family. The beautiful Ovina House with 8 luxury suites and breathtaking views of the mountains, the forest and the meadow, exclusively for us.



WHERE: Amidst the stunning beauty of the Ahrntal Valley in South Tyrol, Italy: a place filled with energy. Forget the stress and strains of everyday life and breathe freely in Italy’s only healing caves in Predoi-Prettau! Listen to the sound of the wind rustling the leaves and cool your feet in the refreshing waters of a fast-flowing mountain stream. Simply come and be, surrender to sensory experiences, dare to try something else and discover!

Unwind, enjoy life and return home a tiny bit healthier. All it takes is the right mix of clean air and the awareness of nature's own healing powers.

The Valli di Tures e Aurina/Tauferer Ahrntal Valley is the ideal place for such an ambitious undertaking. Cozily nestled in the heart of the Vedrette di Ries Aurina/Rieserferner Ahrn Nature Park, it is a true oasis of peace filled with vast, lush green forests, pure air and skin-friendly mountain waters.



The nearby waterfalls are surrounded by a gentle mist of tiny water drops, which cleanse the tissue of the respiratory system and lungs, providing great relief.



Ari: Italian, Vinyasa & Inside Flow Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach | working in sustainability & marketing | based in Bolzano, Italy | she loves cooking with flowers, herbs and fresh ingredients to make her food extra beautiful! | Pitta / Kapha

Sina: German, Vinyasa Yoga, Prana Flow and Budokon Yoga & Mobility Teacher |Founder of Holy Wow Yoga & Fashion Designer based in Nuremberg, Germany | currently traveling around the world in an RV, loves to be inspired and inspire others. | Pitta / Vata

Lauren: American, Ýoga Teacher and Ladies’ Night creator | working in strategy & innovation | based in Nuremberg, Germany | known for extra spicy ginger tea | Vata / with a touch of Pitta 



Thursday- arrival day

Element EARTH 

13:00: welcome snacks

15:00: opening ceremony + Earth Ritual 

Free time – Sauna 

18:00: grounding yoga practice

20:00: Dinner



Element WATER 

7 am Silent Walk + Meditation

Tea & snack

9 am Water Yoga Flow

12:00 Brunch

15:00 Visit the waterfalls + connect with water

18:00 Evening Yoga, soft flow

 Free Time - Sauna

 20:00 Dinner



Element AIR

7 am Silent Walk + Meditation

Tea & snack

9 am Air Yoga Flow

12:00 Brunch

15:00 Find your Voice, Singing, Mantras, Express Yourself

18:00 Yin Yoga & Sound Bath

 Free Time - Sauna

 20:00 Dinner



Element FIRE

7 am Silent Walk + Meditation

Tea & snack

9 am Fire Yoga Flow

11:00 Brunch

Free Time - Sauna

15:00 Closing Ceremony with Cacao 

16:00 departure



"We believe food should be beautiful and enjoyed slowly and mindfully, either for yourself or with people you care about." yin yang sisters


Ari & Lauren, the yin yang sisters, will treat you with a delicious and nourishing plant-based culinary adventure. We aren’t diet and detox girls and believe in eating whole foods with balance, which means there is always room for dessert.

We will help you to tap into what is good for your body and mind. We both love spending time in nature, connecting with our community, getting out of our comfort zones, creating, and enjoying plenty of self-care moments.

You can find us savoring our food, discussing what we should eat next, and talking longingly about our last meals.



16 lovely human beings will be sharing accommodation with a fellow retreat guest or a friend.

Requests are welcome and will be taken in consideration.



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